Pastor Paul Edes

As a child, I grew up in a solid Christian family, who had a love for the Lord and church. I got saved at an early age, and spent my early life wanting to know His perfect plan for me. I was given opportunities and traveled the world on missions trips, church help trips, and spent much of my young adult years being mentored by wonderful men of God. I went to a small Bible college and met my wonderful wife there. We married and the Lord started growing our family. She, I and our young son began traveling as Field Representatives for Victory Baptist Press in Milton, Florida, the church in which I grew up. The Lord then called us to move to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where we quickly settled. After just a few years, I was blessed to come on as a full-time assistant pastor to my father-in-law, Ken Shaver, right here at Greater Cumberland. It was a very fortuitous time and God both blessed and grew me and my family. In 2019, God moved my father-in-law to Owensboro, Kentucky, and this church called me to be their pastor in October of 2019. I have dedicated this life to His will. Where He has called me, He has also provided grace and a desire to answer His call. I am so thankful for what he has done in my life. And I’m overwhelmed beyond words to see what He is doing right here, in our community, and in our world, because of this thriving church family.


Church Staff

Dan Stangeland 
Ryan Turner 
Cris Deaton
Youth & Bus Leader
Michael Shaver
Music Leader 
Ashley Stangeland 
Administrative Assistant

Missionary Staff

Paul & Lisa Stewart

Undisclosed Country

Nate & Rachel Shaver

Missionaries to Iceland

Michael Shaver

Missionary to Iceland

Cris and Ebany Deaton

Missionaries to Switzerland