Our Ministries

Verity Baptist Music Academy is a highly instructional, musically qualified program we offer to all people, with age appropriate classes from babe to adults - beginner to advanced. We love to glorify our Lord in song, and if you are interested in learning classical, orchestral, or hymn-style violin, VBMA is the place for you!

Private lessons

VBMA offers private lessons for all ages. From beginning to advanced, you can learn to play the violin from a Suzuki-qualified teacher, in a very fun and inspiring environment!


Music for Babies

From Infant to 2 years, your young child can start a life learning music and how it can be applied to all areas. This fun and interactive class is focused on a parent-child musical relationship. Come have fun today!


Tiny Tots

This exciting, beginning musical class is dedicated to your young toddler. They will learn to clap, count, sing, and play beginning violin with creative foam violins. Sign up today!


Group Lessons

In addition to private lessons, VBMA offers group lessons, where students can learn to play with others, memorize group songs, expand their musical repertoire and learn to play solos in front of others. 


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